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Cultural Varieties

  • Writing and Printing Paper
  • Maplitho
  • Creamwove
  • Notebook
  • Copier Paper
  • Art Paper

Industrial Varieties

  • Duplex Board
  • Cup Stock
  • Kraft Liners
  • Posters
  • Cast Coated Paper
  • Carbonless Paper
  • Adhesive Paper

We are authorized dealers for the following Paper Mills in Kerala :

International Paper APPM Limited (formerly Andhra Paper Mills Limited)

We deal in Writing and Printing and Coating Base.

International Paper APPM Ltd. (formerly known as The Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Ltd.), is one of the largest integrated paper and pulp manufacturers in India. Established in 1964, the company produces writing, printing and copier papers for foreign and domestic markets. Their production facilities at Rajahmundry and Kadiyam (includes a recycle unit) have a total production capacity of 240,000 TPA. The company employs around 2,500 employees and is headquartered in Hyderabad.

JK Paper

JK Paper Limited is one of the largest paper manufacturers in India with presence in all major segments like Office Papers, High End Packaging Boards, Coated Papers, High Bright Maplitho and Stationery Products. In their endeavour to become a one stop shop to meet all your paper needs they have tied up with reputed overseas Mills to provide consistent quality and regular supplies of Coated Art Paper (C2S) range.

The West Coast Paper Mills Limited

The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. is one of the oldest and largest producers of paper for printing, writing, and packaging in India, Established in 1955. The paper mill is located at Dandeli in Karnataka near the banks of River Kali. The variety of quality paper that they produce serve the needs of numerous industries that include food packaging, printing and publishing, garments, stationery, and notebooks to name just a few.

WCPM presents a range of quality printing & writing papers from 54 to 120 gsm that suits to the entire needs of modern print-houses who demand high quality papers for commercial to premium printing of at reasonable price. High bright, strong, stiff and bulkier papers offer excellent surface, optical and physical properties to suit all kinds of commercial grade printing & writing applications. Good reel condition uniform profile makes it a better choice for web based printing.

High bright, strong, stiff and bulkier papers offer excellent surface, optical and physical properties to suit all kinds of commercial to premium grade printing & writing applications. Uniform profile with good reel quality makes it an ideal choice for reel-printing.

We deal in Writing &Printing and Duplex Board.

Tamilnadu Newsprint & Papers Limited

Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL) was established by the Government of Tami Nadu during early eighties to produce Newsprint and Printing & Writing Paper using bagasse, a sugarcane residue, as primary raw material. The Company commenced production in the year 1984 with a initial capacity of 90,000 tonnes per annum (tpa). Over the years, the production capacity has been increased to 2,45,000 tpa and the Company has emerged as the largest bagasse based Paper Mill in the world consuming about one million tonnes of bagasse every year. The Company completed a Mill Expansion Plan during December 2010 to increase the mill capacity to 4,00,000 tpa.

TNPL exports about 1/5th of its production to more than 50 countries. Manufacturing of quality paper for the past two and half decades from bagasse is an index of the company's technological competence. A strong record in adopting minimum impact best process technology, responsible waste management, reduced pollution load and commitment to the corporate social responsibility make the company one of the most environmentally compliant paper mills in the world.


The Ballarpur Group is the largest manufacturer of writing and printing paper in India. Of the Ballarpur Group's seven manufacturing facilities, six in India and one in Malaysia, three of the Indian facilities and the Malaysian facility will be operated by Bilt Paper PLC and the remaining three Indian facilities will be retained by the Ballarpur Group. Bilt Paper PLC is focused on the manufacture of bulk coated and uncoated paper and viscous grade fibre while the rest of the Ballarpur Group will focus on the manufacture of copier paper, speciality paper and tissue paper and Retail and OSSB. Members of the Avantha Group own 49.42% of the issued share capital of Ballarpur. Ballarpur Industries is also listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges in India.

Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited

HPC group has four paper mills, two of which are units and two are subsidiary companies. HPC is the holding company for Hindustan Newsprint Ltd. (HNL) and Nagaland Pulp & Paper Company Ltd. (NPPC). Nagaon Paper Mill (NPM) and Cachar Paper Mill (CPM) function directly under HPC's control and their performance is reflected in HPC's operating results. Over a period of three decades, HPC has built up a total capacity of about 3.35 lakh tonnes of paper and newsprint.

Imported Paper

We deal in several types of imported paper viz.Art Paper, Woodfree, Copier

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